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Think Silicon, Ultra Low Power GPUs

Think Silicon was founded in 2007 with the vision to provide high performance - low power Graphics IP semiconductor modules.

Working closely with our customers we have built a portfolio of silicon proven products.

Company portfolio includes GPUs, display processors, and graphics accelerators focusing in ultra-low power consumption and thus in battery life extension. Products have been licensed to a number of customers including leading semiconductor companies in the fields of multimedia, microcontrollers, Wearable and IoT markets.

Moving from the mobile world to the rising IoT/ Wearable era, requirements are changing rapidely. Devices like smartwatches, glasses, patches or even smart clothes are equipped with displays and require high quality graphics. The main challenge in these new devices is the battery life and how to make them to last more than one day without searching for wall plugs and charging stations.

Latest product released is Nema|t, the tiny configuration of NEMA-GPU Series. The architecture of this latest development has been specifically designed from bottom-up for the new generation of wearable and IoT products.

Think Silicon's ambition is to become the leading low-power mobile graphics company in the world! We are an integrative part and major contributor of the "Internet of Things" (IoT) paradigm with its vast opportunities. Power, performance and the graphical user interface (UI) playing a central role in the way humans are interacting with machines and devices and their experience with it. Our day-to-day impulsion is to provide the utmost positive interaction experience a human being can have - Always!

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