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May 29th, 2015. Think Silicon and Tortuga Pacific Announce a Sales Partnership
June 4th, 2015. Think Silicon Launches Industry's Smallest Ultra-Low Power 3D GPU.
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Nema|t, tiny 3D GPU for Wearables/IoT

NEMA|t is the world smallest 3D GPU designed from bottom-up for the new generation of wearable and IoT products.

The incredibly small silicon footprint of just 0.1mm2 (400MHz in 28nm) with leakage power consumption of just 0.07mW and memory power consumption of just 0.03mW (in DDR-less systems), features OpenGL® ES capabilities.

NEMA|t implements a fully configurable and programmable 3D graphics rendering engine, accelerates a comprehensive super-set of 2D graphics drawings, and has smart composition functions.

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