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Think Silicon to exhibit at the
IOT Solutions World Congress 2016

Come and see our latest developments of our NEMA-GPU Series, the world's most power efficient GPU for Wearables/Embedded/IoT devices. Showcasing NEMA-GFX a powerful graphics API that efficiently develops, vibrant Graphical User Interfaces (GUI) for small display applications.

Booth E635

Think Silicon's heterogeneous NEMA GPU-WEAR project has been granted €1.34 M ($1.56) from EU's Horizon 2020 SME Instrument program


NEMA GPU-WEAR is a novel platform to develop and implement ultra-low power, heterogeneous, multicore Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) technology, for SoCs (System on the Chip). The platform is designed, to extend battery life by decreasing the power-consumption by an order of magnitude for the next generation of mobile, wearable and embedded devices while running fast, graphically rich display and 4K video applications.

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Gartner Identifies Think Silicon a 'Cool Vendor' in Novel Semiconductors for Neural Networks


Think Silicon S.A. a leading provider of ultra-low power Graphic Processing Unit (GPU) and imaging solution-IP for wearable, mobile devices and IoT platforms, today announced that is has been recognized in the April, 27th 2016 'Cool Vendor' in Novel Semiconductors for Neural Networks, 2016 report by Gartner1, a leading information technology analyst organization.

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Graphics researchers at Samsung Electronics UK have teamed up with mobile graphics specialists Think Silicon, Codeplay and TU Berlin to develop a tool for enabling smartphone batteries to last longer while running advanced video games and using the camera.

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Think Silicon Launches NEMA|PICO The World Smallest, Most Ultra-Low Power and Cost Efficient 2D GPU at CES 2016 in Las Vegas

LAS VEGAS - DEC. 15th, 2016 / CES 2016 (#CES2016):

Innovative power saving methods extend battery life of wearable devices from three to six days

Think Silicon announced today the release and immediate availability of NEMA|p (PICO) the world smallest (0.07mm2 die-area, two times smaller than the competition) and most power efficient (0.05 mW leakage) 2D Graphics Processor Unit (GPU). NEMA|p has a new bottom up architecture, featuring a number of ultra low-power saving methods such as a fixed rate, real time 4bpp/6bpp frame buffer compression/decompression (TSFBc), DAT (Display Aware Technology), CAT (Context Aware Technology) and 25 MHz low frequency SoC support helping to significantly lower power consumption.

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Think Silicon to exhibit at 2016 International CES

Come and visit us on our booth. See the stunning demo of our latest ultra-low power 3D/2D 'NEMA GPU-Series' for wearables, mobile and IoT platforms.

Sands Expo / Level 1 Hall Booth # 81349

Think Silicon announces support for Vulkan on NEMA-GPU SERIES

Patras, Greece / San Jose, California - November 12h, 2015

Think Silicon's mandate was always to deliver best in class ultra-low-power 2D/3D graphics performance thus the company took a close look at the Vulkan standard. We quantified the benefits of Vulkan graphics and compute APIs and we believe that Vulkan has the potential to become a very widely adopted cross-platform next generation 3D API.

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Think Silicon Launches Industry's Smallest Ultra-Low Power 3D GPU. NEMA|t100 - tiny GPU IP core for the wearable /non-wearable IoT market

Patras, Greece / San Jose, California - June 4th, 2015

Think Silicon announced today the immediate availability of NEMA|t100 the world smallest Internet-of-Things (IoT) Graphics Processor Unit (GPU) with real 3D functionality. The architecture of this latest development has been specifically designed from bottom-up for a new generation of wearable and non-wearable IoT products. NEMA|t100 can extend the battery life of a wearable device from one day to five days of typical use.

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Think Silicon Ltd. and Tortuga Pacific Announce a Sales Partnership

Patras, Greece / San Jose, California - May 29th, 2015

Think Silicon Ltd., a leading developer of ultra-low power 3D Graphic Processing Units (GPUs), heterogeneous GPUs, 2D/2.5D composition engines and multilayer display controller IP, has concluded an exclusive deal with Tortuga Pacific for the licensing of Think Silicon's IP in the North American and the Pacific Rim markets. The agreement continues Think Silicon's growth in these markets, building upon established relationships with leading fabless IC companies.

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Think Silicon Ltd. Welcomes Former MIPS and NETLOGIC Executives to Advisory Board

Patras, Greece / San Jose, California, December 19th, 2014
Think Silicon Ltd., today announced the appointment of Gideon Intrater and Stefanos Sidiropoulos to the company's Advisory Board.

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We are seeking for enthusiastic engineers to join our team

Patras, Greece, October 17, 2014 Think Silicon is seeking for enthusiastic engineers to join our team and accelerate the development of the next generation 3D GPUs targeting the IoT and the Wearable market.

For further information please visit:
Job Openings

Think Silicon becomes an adopter member of the mipi Alliance

The MIPI Alliance is a non-profit corporation that operates as an open membership organization. All companies in the mobile device industry are encouraged to join, including semiconductor companies, software vendors, IP providers, peripheral manufacturers, test labs and end product OEMs. Today, more than 250 member companies actively participate in the Alliance, developing interface specifications which drive consistency in processor and peripheral interfaces, promoting reuse and compatibility in mobile devices.

Think2.5D: Energy-Saving 2.5D Graphics Accelerator Gets Better Performance and Android OS Support

Woodcliff Lake, NJ, May 29, 2014 Updated Graphics Accelerator and Composition Engine IP Core available from CAST includes design improvements plus optimized Android support, increasing its ability to offload or replace power-hungry CPUs and GPUs in FPGA or ASIC SoCs

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Think Silicon to exhibit at DAC 2014, June 2-4th, San Francisco,CA

Think Silicon to demonstrate at DAC 2014, the next series of the company's graphics IPs enhanced with brand new, market driven features. Come to see the Think25D composition engine accelerating a smooth running Android SoC, the ThinkLCDML LCD display controller equipped with a 400% framebuffer bandwidth savings engine, and the multicore Nema GPGPU graphics processor executing computational intensive image processing algorithms.

You are welcome to visit us in the CAST Booth #1024

DAC 2014

DAC is the premier conference devoted to the design and automation of electronic systems (EDA), embedded systems and software (ESS), and intellectual property (IP).

ThinkVG: Smallest, Lowest-Power OpenVG Vector Graphics IP Core Now Available from CAST

Woodcliff Lake, NJ, April 17, 2014 A competitively small and low-power vector graphics processing unit (GPU) IP core is now available from semiconductor intellectual property provider CAST, Inc.

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Nema: New Embedded GPU Platform for General Purpose Computing Delivers the Highest Performance per Energy or Area

Nuremberg, Germany - Embedded World - February 25, 2014 The versatile Nema Platform for General-Purpose Computing on an embedded GPU (GPGPU) is designed by Think Silicon for excellent performance with ultra-low energy consumption and silicon footprint.

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CAST Enters Graphics Acceleration IP Market with New Cores that Complement GPUs and System Processors

Woodcliff Lake, NJ, November 05, 2013 -- Semiconductor intellectual property provider CAST, Inc. is answering systems designer's needs for faster graphics processing with the first of a new series of IP cores for graphics acceleration and display. Available immediately are a 2D/2.5D Graphics Accelerator and a Multilayer Display Controller, both sourced from new technology partner Think Silicon.

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Think Silicon to exhibit at DAC 2013, June 3-5th, Austin,TX

At DAC 2013 we'll be showing our IPs including ThinkVG; an OpenVG conformant GPU and Think2D; a high/performance DirectFB Graphics Accelerator/Composition Engine.

You are welcome to visit us in the Design&Reuse Booth #941

DAC 2013

DAC is the premier conference devoted to the design and automation of electronic systems (EDA), embedded systems and software (ESS), and intellectual property (IP).

Think Silicon GPUs power latest Dialog Semiconductor VOIP chipsets

Patras, Greece, November 15th, 2012. Think Silicon Ltd, today announced that Dialog Semiconductor uses ThinkVG, an OpenVG Graphics Processing Unit to get Graphics power in it's new series of products. ThinkVG is integrated in the recently announced Green VoIP™ "SC14453" multicore system-on-chip (SoC) along with ThinkLCD Display Processor that enables rendering of fluid graphic user interfaces onto touchscreen LCD displays.

For further information about ThinkVG GPU please visit:

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Think Silicon to exhibit at ChipEx 11 Conference & Exhibition.

Think Silicon Ltd will present Mobile Graphics Solutions at ChipEx 2012, May 1-2th, Tel Aviv, Israel. You are welcome to visit our Booth.

ChipEx 2012 Conference & Exhibition

ChipEx2012 is designed for research and development engineers, project leaders, development managers and directors, VPs for engineering and CTOs, senior executives from companies in the microelectronics industry, defense electronic and electro-optic systems, fabless and multinational chip design centers, university personnel and students for electronic engineering, computer science, micro and nano electronics in the various universities and colleges around Israel.

Think Silicon GPUs get JPEG decoding from Alma Technologies

Patras, Greece, February 2nd, 2012. Think Silicon Ltd and Alma Technologies announced today the immediate availability of Graphics Accelerator IP Cores preintegrated and verified with the silicon-proven JPEG cores of Alma Technologies. The combination of (M)JPEG decoding and Graphics Acceleration can provide a fluid user experience even at very low frequency or gatecount devices. The MJPEG decoder is fully integrated in the graphics pipeline taking full advantage of the graphics pipeline features, such as rotations, blending and dithering and minimising addition hardware resources.

For further information about MJPEG Module for Think2.5D/VG Graphic Accelerators please visit:

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To Research and Develop the Next Generation of Low Power High Performance Graphics Processor Units

The EU Commission has awarded a European games consortium a grant of 2.8 million Euros to research and develop the next generation of low power high performance Graphics Processor Units (GPUs) to be used in future games consoles and mobile devices. The consortium includes four European technology companies: Codeplay, an Edinburgh based GPU technology company, Cambridge-based Geomerics, a graphics technology company,, an Austria-based game AI company and Think Silicon, a Greek low gate-count graphics semiconductor IP core company. Two European universities, TU-Berlin (Germany) and Uppsala University (Sweden) complete the group.

For further information about LPGPU please visit:

Think Silicon to exhibit at DAC 2011

Think Silicon Ltd will present Mobile Graphics Solutions at DAC, June 3-4th, San Diego,CA. You are welcome to visit us in the Design&Reuse Booth #1915

DAC 2011

The Design Automation Conference is the world's leading technical conference and trade show on electronic design automation. DAC is where the IC Design and EDA ecosystem learns, networks, and does business. DAC is also where the latest technical research is presented. DAC covers all topics related to the design complex systems on chip: Embedded System design & verification down to physical layout verification & test. Now in its 48th consecutive year, DAC is the most respected name in the chip design community.

Think Silicon to exhibit at ChipEx 11 Conference & Exhibition.

Think Silicon Ltd will present Mobile Graphics Solutions at ChipEx 2011, May 3-4th, Tel Aviv, Israel. You are welcome to visit our Booth.

ChipEx 2011 Conference & Exhibition

ChipEx2011, the annual international event of the Israeli semiconductor industry, will be held on May 3-4, 2011 at the Hilton convention center in Tel-Aviv. This professional industry event is produced by TAPEOUT magazine in cooperation with the GSA (Global Semiconductor Alliance)

ChipEx2011 target audience are all people involved with the semiconductor industry including engineers, R&D managers, senior executives, CEOs of fabless semiconductor companies, multinational design centers, consultants, experts, venture capital managers involved with the semiconductor industry as well as electrical/electronics/computers students & professors from the various universities around Israel.

Sydaap Technologies joins the IPGenius Cores Programme

Patras Greece, September 2 2010, Sydaap Technologies Pvt. Ltd, and Think Silicon Ltd, announced today that they get into a partnership to jointly deliver unique and value adding IP Cores to their Customers.

While Sydaap Technologies has a strong expertise on Next Generation Wireless & Security IP Cores, Think Silicon has a Platform to bundle the IP cores into subsystems using the IPGenius Platform. Through this synergy of complementary skill sets the industry is set to witness next generation IP Modules being offered with a significant improvement in design cycles, said Robert A Kingsly, CEO of Sydaap Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

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Think Silicon releases DirectFB drivers for Think2D Mobile Graphics Accelerator

Patras, Greece - March 25th, 2010 - Think Silicon Ltd, a Mobile Graphics Solutions IP core provider releases Linux DirectFB Drivers for the Think2D Graphics Accelerator Product showing impressive real-life performance per MHz and very low CPU utilization.

DirectFB drivers allow Think2D Mobile Graphics Accelerator to be used with any application development framework that supports back-end for DirectFB, including Nokia Qt4.6, GTK+ and many others.

Think2D achieves impressive performance by intelligent use of command lists that minimise usage of the host processor, and a high performance engine issuing upto two pixels/clock cycle. Think2D is available for ASIC or FPGA and is specifically designed for optimal system performance with minimum power consumption and silicon area.

For further information about Think2D please visit:

VXL Technologies joins IPGenius Cores Programme

Patras, Greece, June 23, 2009. VXL Technologies and Think Silicon Ltd, announced today that VXL Technologies has joined the IPGenius Cores Programme. IPGenius is an on-line IP configuration and parametrization engine that allows users to obtain IP cores preconfigured to match their requirements.

VXL Technologies chose IPGenius to further promote their IP portfolio and enable their design expertise to enhance system level solutions. "The IPGenius Platform allows us to expand the visibility of our solutions by reaching customers that would like to take advantage of the higher level of configurability and reusability provided" said Praveen D'Souza, Business Development Manager of VXL Technologies. "The IPGenius partnership will allow us to efficiently use our IP expertise to offer complex SoC platforms to customers" he added.

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Teklatech's FloorDirector™ floorplanning EDA tool exclusively selected by Think Silicon
reduces dynamic power peaks and chip noise

Copenhagen, Denmark, June 3rd, 2008. Teklatech, the technology leader in floorplanning and clock distribution network solutions, has announced that its FloorDirector™ product has been exclusively chosen by Think Silicon for use in 90 nm and 65 nm designs. Think Silicon, an innovative European design center and supplier of various IP and turnkey solutions, has selected the FloorDirector EDA tool for its unique floorplanning optimization technology which is required for a wide range of SoC applications, including multimedia, DSP, wireless, networking and mobile. FloorDirector's ability to deliver SoC power shaping and provide robustness to on-chip-variation were key factors in Think Silicon's decision.

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Think Silicon announces IP Partnership programme

Patras, Greece - February 28th, 2008 - Think Silicon Ltd, a design services and IP core provider company introduces an IP Partnership programme through the on-line IPGenius parametrization platform. Think Silicon targets captive IP in companies and contractors who have no IP business model and can provide them with additional revenues by commercializing internal IP designs to market.

IP partnership program

The IP Partnership programme is aimed towards companies and contractors who have developed cores for internal use, but are unable or unwilling to sell and support their designs in the market. Think Silicon works closely with those companies to allow them to commercialize their designs by utilizing the IPGenius platform API and providing them with live usage status. Furthermore, a clear and transparent business model is provided where IPs are obtained in source code form with simple licensing terms and an online IP shop to facilitate the ordering process.

IP Partnership Programme        Read Full Press Release on IP Partnership Programme

Think Silicon to exhibit at DATE'08 Conference & Exhibition.

February 21, 2008 -- Think Silicon Ltd will present Design Services offering and the IPGenius parametrizable IP generation platform in DATE'08, March 11-13th, ICM Munich, Germany. You are welcome to visit us in Booth C2.

DATE'08 Conference & Exhibition

DATE, the Design, Automation and Test Conference is Europe's largest electronic system design event. Expert panels of users, vendors and analysts will discuss industrial and business topics. Engineering managers from leading electronics manufacturers will relate their own first-hand design experiences of commercial design tools. The exhibition is the unique European event bringing together researchers, user and vendors as well as specialists in the design, test and manufacturing of electronic circuits and systems.

Think Silicon to present IPGenius Platform in Design Reuse IP07 Conference & Exhibition.

December 6, 2007 -- Think Silicon Ltd will present the IPGenius parametrizable IP generation platform in Design Reuse IP07. Think Silicon's presentation will be held in the Grenoble World Trade Center, Room 3 (High Level) at 14:15 Session with focus on Architectural synthesis.

IP07 IP Based Electronic System Conference & Exhibition

IP/SOC 2007 (IP Based SoC Design) will be the 16th edition of the Working conference on hot topics in the design world, focusing for the past 7 years on IP based SoC design and hold in the well known Silicon and Alliance Nanometer Valley in the French Alps. The two day program of both technical and invited papers will attract around 400 delegates whilst the exhibition provides them with an opportunity to learn about the best new products.

Think Silicon introduces IPGenius™: The first on-line parametrizable IP generation platform.

Patras, Greece -- October 19, 2007 -- Think Silicon Ltd, a design services and IP core provider company today announced the availability of the on-line IP configuration tool IPGenius. The program is designed to ease the process of obtaining and integrating IP into SoC designs by offering SoC designers an easy to use web interface for parametrising core properties before receiving them.


It is an on-line tool for the generation of parametrizable IP modules that can be used in Semiconductor devices. This tool allows the generation of custom-made IP modules from a selection of modules that can be customised according to users' requirements, packaged and delivered to the end-user via the internet. The tool will host a rapidly expanding portfolio of proprietary, partner and verified commercially friendly opensource Semiconductor IP (SIP) modules, that can be parametrised to user requirements from an easy to use web interface.

It is immediately available by visiting

22-August-2007: Think Silicon Ltd announced it has joined The SPIRIT Consortium as a Reviewing Member.
The Spirit consortium is global organization focused on establishing integration standards for multi-faceted IP and EDA Tooling that drive sustainable growth in electronic design. Involving industry leaders in the IP supply chain, The SPIRIT Consortium includes major EDA tool vendors, IP providers and integrated device manufacturers among its members along with a number of innovative small and medium-sized supply-chain companies. Think Silicon believes that Spirit Consortium standards will become the cornerstone for ESL EDA tooling and we are commited to adopting this standard for our future products.

20-July-2007: Think Silicon joins the Hellenic-SIA
Think Silicon becomes a member of the Hellenic Semiconductor Industry Assosiation. Hellenic-SIA (Hellenic Semiconductor Industry Association includes companies and research entities that belong to the semiconductor industry (design, manufacturing, supply and support) in Greece.

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