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FrameBuffer Compression, TSFBc


Despite the limited power available in a battery operated hand-held device, a display must still have enough resolution and sufficient color depth to deliver the necessary information. Think Silicon proprietary framebuffer compression (TSFBc) efficiently reduces the power consumption of systems driving a display and thus distinctly extends battery life for hand-held applications. TSFBc is based on a proprietary lossy block-based algorithm and is performed in real-time. TSFBc can fit into systems with limited silicon area since the die area of the compressor is extremely small (below 20k gates). The decompression process is performed in real time using minimal hardware (below 2.5K gates). TSFBc has two variations, 4bits per pixel for systems with minimal available memory and 6 bits per pixel for devices that require exceptional image quality.

4bpp TSFBc

4bpp TSFBc is ideal for systems that have limited available memory. Visual artifacts are in the majority of use cases difficult to notice (as in the example below).


4bpp TSTBc
6bpp TSFBc

The 6bpp TSFBc has exceptional quality for any kind of images and is ideal for devices with high display resolution(4K). In the following example, all known block-based compression algorithms will result in poor performance while 6bpp TSFBc exhibits an exceptional quality.


6bpp TSTBc


High quality compression is demonstrated in the following video.

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