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Think Silicon @ Synopsys ARC Processor Summit 2018
Friday 07 Sep 2018

Think Silicon® is glad to announce its participation in Synopsys ARC® Processor Summit in San Jose, CA, US to be held on Tuesday, 11 September 2018.

Synopsys ARC® Processor Summit is a single-day event consisting of multiple tracks in which Synopsys experts, ecosystem partners and the ARC user community delivers technical presentations on a range of topics, including, artificial intelligence (AI), automotive safety, internet of things (IoT), embedded vision and much more.

Think Silicon has partnered with Synopsys to create a prototype of an ultra-low power Internet of Things (IoT) platform designed for connected wearable, mobile, and embedded display devices. This solution will be showcased at the Synopsys ARC Tech Forum Japan 2018. The prototype combines the best of Synopsys technology sporting a DesignWare® ARC EM5D Processor with Think Silicon products including NEMA®|p, NEMA®|DC, and NEMA®|GFX-API, resulting in a developer solution aimed at ultra-low power connected wearables and low-power embedded applications. Both companies have tools to assist developers in creating world-class products for a wide variety of markets.

Also, Dr. Iakovos Stamoulis, CTO and Co-Founder of Think Silicon will make a presentation titled “Fast and Ultra-Low Power Graphics Development for Mobile & Embedded Systems” presenting NEMA®|t-200, the latest member of the NEMA®|GPU-Family and is a perfect candidate, in combination with ARC Processors, for the acceleration of OpenGL® ES / OpenVG™ graphics content, providing very high graphics performance even in memory and power resource limited applications. In addition to the GPU, Think Silicon’s focus is to provide a comprehensive SDK, including NEMA®|Power-Model, NEMA®|Profiler and NEMA®|GUI-Builder, to support and help developers to optimize their applications in terms of performance and power and to assist them in rapid system deployment. In this presentation Think Silicon will demonstrate the strength of a fully-fledged development system, from RTL implementation to GUI (Graphical User Interface) creation.

Should you wish to meet us at this event please send us your requests to info(at)think-silicon.com. We will be more than happy to meet you there and show you our latest GPU projects developed with Synopsys technology.
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