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When passion for innovation and talent meet, the end result is often a masterpiece!


Think Silicon is a leading provider of ultra-low power GPU IP for embedded systems


We have over 15 years of experience designing IP for extremely small, ultra-low power, high-performance 2D and 3D graphics, video, display and machine learning-accelerated microprocessor cores, which offer our customers low system power, low system cost and high performance.

Our high-performance graphics IP technology targets ultra-low power and area-limited devices, such as wearables, home control appliances and home entertainment devices. Our customers include many leading fabless semiconductor companies, CSPs and design houses worldwide.

We bring high quality graphics for user interface applications to any battery-powered device


Our no-compromises graphics solution for cost-sensitive / battery-powered products offers system on chip optimized GPU and display controller “cores.” These solutions uniquely enable cost-sensitive products to have “smartphone like” graphical user interfaces and “gaming class” graphics speed.

We are passionate about innovation and are constantly pushing the limits of what’s possible with our technology. We are bringing our deep expertise in designing ultra-low power GPU IP to the world of AI, where we aim to provide leading capabilities to the industry, as we did with graphics.

Think Silicon’s configurable GPUs serve a wide range of applications, from graphics rendering on displays for smart IoT products, such as wearables, fitness bands, health trackers, infotainment and security devices, to video overlaying in datacenters. Our new GPUs are designed to deliver AI functionality to any battery-powered edge device.

From the architectural level to tape-out, we are shaping the devices and applications of the future


Our cross-disciplinary hardware and software design team has vast experience in IC design, system software, toolchain and AI software, covering the complete flow of a SoC design – from the architectural level to tape-out.

Our technology has been validated on multiple customers’ silicon and is verified through extensive simulation and rigorous code coverage measurements. A complete verification suite ensures correct migration to target technology nodes.

We provide all the necessary supporting tools to our customers including a Platform Verification Test Suite with system integration tests, the Regression suite and scripts for synthesis and Static Timing Analysis (STA).

Our comprehensive Software Development Kit (SDK) is available to device manufacturers (OEMs) and to the developer community. Our SDK expedites software application development and enables a better performing device that can fully benefit from the high performance and low power consumption of our GPUs.

Enable our customers to create world-class technology!


Our success is the success of our customers and partners. We highly value our partners and pay individual attention to our customers’ needs enabling them to create cutting-edge technology and world-class products. The close collaboration with our customers and partners leads us in new and unique ways of enhancing our products.

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