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George Sidiropoulos, MSc

Senior Director & Co-founder of Think Silicon S.A., Country President of Applied Materials

George is a technical innovator and co-founder of Think Silicon.

He started his engineering career at Atmel as a digital IC designer and was involved in many SoC designs that reached the market in the areas of wireless communications (wifi, Bluetooth) and VoIP. He continued as an GPU designer at Think Silicon developing the ultra-low power Think-Series GPUs of the company before moving to the business side.

As the CEO of Think Silicon he was responsible for corporate strategy, business development, funding, sales and IPR.

Think Silicon was acquired by Applied Materials and George is fighting to maintain his startup mentality in order to grow the business and the team aggressively.

Dr. Iakovos Stamoulis

Product Development Director & Co-founder of Think Silicon S.A.

Iakovos has over 20 years of experience in the Computer Graphics and Semiconductor industry. As CTO of Think Silicon, he builds multidisciplinary teams codesigning HW and SW that deliver Ultra Low power Graphics Processors to market. He has a strong technology track record in bringing new technology innovation from concept to implementation and subsequently to commercial products. He has worked for Advanced Rendering Technology in the UK and USA, where he co-engineered the first Ray Tracing Graphics Engine chip and in Greece where he successfully led teams of engineers in Atmel's Multimedia and Communication Business Unit to the tape out of numerous devices that reached mass production in the multimedia and wireless markets. He has a D.Phil from the Centre for VLSI and Computer Graphics of the University of Sussex, UK and is a member of IEEE since 1996.

Dr. Georgios Keramidas


Dr. Georgios Keramidas is currently working as a contractor in the company. He is mainly involved in designing the new AI products of the company and in extending the IP portfolio of the company. He has a successful track record in delivering commercial projects as well as national and collaborative programmes focusing on low-power GPU and processor architectures. Georgios has published over 75 scientific papers in low power processors, memory design, and memory-oriented compiler optimizations. He currently holds 13 patents, with another four pending, and his work has received over 1100 citations. Georgios also serves as an Assistant Professor at the Informatics Department of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece in field of computer architecture.

Ulli Mueller, MSc

IP Licensing, Sales & Marketing Director

Ulli has over 20 years of experience in IT semiconductor industry. Previously he worked in different positions as manager in digital TV,  GPU and system memory at AMD Inc., Toronto, Canada. He also played key roles at ATI Technologies Inc. and as a Director in Hauppauge Computer Works Inc., Europe/US by developing the business for SoC DTV decoder ASICs and multiple discrete multimedia consumer products. As Global IP Licensing, Sales & Marketing Director at Think Silicon an Applied Materials Company, he is responsible for the IP technology contracting, business development and product marketing. Ulli holds an MSc in computer engineering from the University of Furtwangen, Germany.

Aspasia Pispa

HR Business Partner

Aspasia Pispa is a seasoned HR executive with unprecedented 25+ yrs demonstrated history in the Pharmaceutical and Marine Sector. She has started her career in the pharmaceutical industry in 1989 following her graduation from the College Informatique and then from the University School of Canada where she holds a Bachelor of Science. Through her career has led European projects on M&A’s, SWAPS, Divestments, business transformations and change management projects in a collaborative, business acumen and results-oriented mind set with credibility balancing the strategic with the operational to drive business results.

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