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Evaluation Kit for development


NEMA® | Bits is an out-of-box software environment designed to showcase and validate the graphics technology developed by Think Silicon. NEMA® | Bits acts as a vertical (including both hardware and software components) demonstration platform, where the interested users and customers can download the latest developments of the company in their Xilinx XC706 Evaluation boards. To ease the installation process, a fully-functional, ready-to-use SD card is provided.

A detailed manual describes the step-by-step process to install the software and hardware modules of NEMA® Bits. The NEMA® | Bits manual is friendly for users not familiar with FPGA design. The current version is based on the widely-used ZC706 development SoC offered by Xilinx. Interested users can download the ISO image, copy the image in a compatible SD card, and enjoy the latest demos of the company.

The current version of NEMA® | Bits contains two Hardware IP Cores: NEMA® | vg 2D/2.5D GPU and NEMA® | DC-200 display processor. The detailed manual of NEMA® | Bits includes a brief description of NEMA® | vg 2D/2.5D GPU, NEMA® | dc-200 display processor, and NEMA® | GFX-API graphics library.

The SD card contains the IP Cores of the company (NEMA® | vg GPU and NEMA® | dc-200 display processor as bitstreams), the Ubuntu (Linux) Operating System, device drivers, and the NEMA® | GFX-API graphics library of the company along with specific examples.

With a Xilinx ZC706 development board, a compatible SD card, and a HDMI display, the users can evaluate the capabilities of Think Silicon’s HW and SW products. NEMA® | Bits is considered as a valuable pre-sales tool for technology validation.

Additional information

Download NEMA® | BITS ISO image

NEMA® | Bits Demo runs specific examples that show the functions of Think Silicon’s NEMA® hardware and software products.

NEMA® | GFX Examples

  • Blit
  • Coverflow
  • Fill
  • NEMA GFX benchmarks
  • Rotating crate
  • Rotating create dirty region
  • Rotating cube
  • Watchface and
  • WatchGUI

DirectFB Examples

  • Benchmarking example
  • Scene rendering with source color key
  • 3D scene rendering with lighting effects
  • Scene objects are rendered using real time transformations
  • Example that performs the rendering of several particles
  • Blending mode formats

Qt5 Examples

  • Animated tiles
  • Wearable
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