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Think Silicon® presents NEOX, the industry’s first RISC-V ISA based 3D GPU at the 3rd RISC-V Meeting
Friday 26 Mar 2021

Think Silicon® presents NEOXTM, the industry's first RISC-V ISA based 3D GPU at the 3rd RISC-V Meeting

Think Silicon, An Applied Materials Company, recognized for the successful ultra-low power NEMA® GPU-Series for MCU driven SoCs, will present the industry’s first RISC-V ISA based 3D GPU, NEOX™ at the 3rd RISC-V Meeting, which will take place on March 30 and 31. Attendees at the 3rd RISC-V Meeting will have the opportunity to hear more about this new GPU innovation.

The NEOX AI IP Series presents a flexible and scalable solution that enables the rapid deployment of AI, machine learning, and GPGPU applications on resource-constrained devices, while significantly improving battery life. This design leverages the modularity and openness of the RISC-V ecosystem to provide a rich set of support tools that accelerate application-specific solutions.

The attendees will have the chance to hear Dr. Iakovos Stamoulis, Product Development Director of Think Silicon, unveiling the unique capabilities of NEOXTM . Iakovos has over 20 years of experience in the Computer Graphics and Semiconductor industry. He has a strong technology track record in bringing new technologies from concept to implementation and subsequently to commercial products. He has worked for Advanced Rendering Technology in the UK and USA, where he co-engineered the first Ray Tracing Graphics Engine chip and in Greece where he successfully led teams of engineers in Atmel's Multimedia and Communication Business Unit to the tapeout of numerous devices that reached mass production in the multimedia and wireless markets. He has a D.Phil from the Centre for VLSI and Computer Graphics of the University of Sussex, UK.

Registration and Covid-19

The “2nd RISC-V Week” will be online with a limited possibility to accommodate some people in Paris and Grenoble – but not in Rennes as originally expected.

Speakers will make their presentation and panel remotely.

Registration form

The link to the registration form is here. The registration is free of charge.
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