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Think Silicon to Showcase its Latest Ultra-Low-Power Graphics and AI Solutions for Edge Computing at Embedded World 2023
Thursday 09 Mar 2023

ATHENS, Greece and SAN JOSE, Calif., March 09, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Think Silicon®, the leading provider of ultra-low-power GPU IP for embedded systems, will showcase its latest graphics and AI solutions for edge computing devices in Hall 4, Booth 476 at Embedded World 2023 taking place in Nuremberg, Germany from March 14-16. The solutions demonstrate how Think Silicon is meeting the complex needs of ultra-low-power graphics and AI applications in the wearables, smart home, industrial and automotive markets.

Think Silicon’s booth will feature the industry’s first RISC-V-based GPU – the NEOX™ IP Series. NEOX™ represents a new era of smart GPU architectures with programmable compute shaders, running on a real-time operating system (RTOS) and supported by lightweight graphics and machine learning programming frameworks. NEOX™ serves as a GPU platform addressing a wide variety of vertical markets, including next-generation ultra-low-power smartwatches, augmented reality (AR) eyewear, surveillance and entertainment video, and smart displays for point-of-sale/point-of-interaction terminals.

Think Silicon will also demonstrate NEMA®|pico VG, the latest in the NEMA®|GPU-Series for MCU-driven SoCs, which is available now and ready to ship to customers with a comprehensive suite of driver, API, and software development tools. NEMA®| pico VG enables smartphone-like vector graphics for the MCU market and is ideal for wearable and embedded-graphics display applications requiring high-quality fonts, shapes, and maps. Accompanying the NEMA®| pico VG hardware is the NEMA®| vg, an extension to the NEMA®| gfx-api that enables high-quality vector graphics rendering with exceptionally low (typically less than 5 percent) CPU utilization – up to 4x lower than its predecessor.

“The NEMA®| pico VG is the ideal solution to drive higher resolution vector graphics over 400ppi,” said Dr. Vassilis Androutsopoulos, Director of Product Management, Graphics, and AI at Think Silicon. “Think Silicon has raised the bar for vector graphics quality, performance, and energy efficiency by introducing dedicated hardware for performing vertex transformation and Bezier tessellation and adding the new NEMA®| vg-api extension.”

Think Silicon is working with multiple software vendors, including MicroEJ®, to allow software engineers and UX developers to easily utilize NEMA®| pico VG. MicroEJ is an embedded application container provider that offers a high-end UX experience on any MCU.

“We are excited to build on our long-time collaboration with Think Silicon and integrate their new NEMA®| pico VG into our applications container MICROEJ VEE, which will provide the cost-constrained MCU market with a smartphone-like quality user experience and graphical user interfaces,” said Semir Haddad, Chief Product, and Strategy Officer at MicroEJ. “With more than 150 million MICROEJ VEE sold, our collaboration unlocks new use cases, addressing the largest UX/UI development engineering community. In addition, MICROEJ VEE‘s unique energy optimization leverages the always-on NEMA® GPUs to extend battery life for wearables while delivering an outstanding user experience.”

In addition, Think Silicon will showcase Ambiq® Apollo4 Plus SoC Graphic Display Kit with the NEMA®|pico XL with Vector Graphics. Ambiq’s Apollo4 Blue Plus is purpose-built for IoT endpoint devices, including smartwatches, children's watches, consumer medical devices, and the smart home.

As the IoT market continues to expand, the ability to deliver the most desirable user experience becomes paramount for electronics manufacturers. Ambiq’s Apollo4 Blue Plus provides high-performing graphics and low power consumption,” said Charlene Wan, VP of Branding, Marketing & Investor Relations at Ambiq. “The collaboration with Think Silicon helps us offer our customers an array of display options with unsurpassed performance for endpoint devices.”

Also featured at Embedded World will be Think Silicon’s NEMA®| gui-builder, a graphical cross-platform software framework enabling rapid high-end Graphics User Interface (GUI) development on low-resource hardware. It features a user-friendly interface with drag-and-drop capabilities, which enable software developers to rapidly create high-end 3D GUIs and fluent animations for size- and power-constrained display devices using NEMA®| GPUs. The toolkit automatically generates performance-optimized executable code and API calls, allowing programmers to understand which performance adjustments will maximize power, performance, battery life, and stability.

Think Silicon’s experts will be available for meetings and product demonstrations of the NEMA®| pico GPU and NEOX™ product series at Embedded World. Please contact us here to schedule a meeting.

About Think Silicon®

Think Silicon Research and Technology S.A, an Applied Materials company, is a leading provider of ultra-low power 2D & 3D graphics, AI and video IP for smart IoT/edge connected end nodes such as display and camera devices and embedded systems. At Think Silicon our innovation enables the rapid deployment of multiple applications on resource-constrained devices while significantly improving battery life to shape a more sustainable future in graphics, vision, and AI processing. Think Silicon Research and Technology S.A.’s headquarters and development center are based in Athens and Patras, Greece, with sales and technical support offices in North America, Europe and Taiwan.


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