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First Low-Power Graphical User Interface development tool for MCU driven SoCs with Think Silicon GPU to debut at Embedded World 2019
Wednesday 20 Feb 2019

Supporting demonstrations to showcase Think Silicon technology leadership for ultra-low power wearable, mobile, embedded display and vision devices

TORONTO, Canada / NUREMBERG, Germany - FEB 20th 2019 – Think Silicon®, a leader in developing ultra-low power graphics IP technology, will showcase NEMA®|GUI-Builder an easy to use GUI-development tool, which lets developers create ultra-low power, fast and compelling graphical user interfaces for small display devices. Additionally, supporting demonstrations for attendees will showcase features of its ultra-low power GPUs and display processing technology, along with additional graphics software analysis and development tools. Think Silicon will exhibit in hall 3, booth 3-647 from February 26 to 28 at the Exhibition Centre, Nuremberg, Germany.

The world premiere demonstration of NEMA®|GUI-Builder unveils a fast and easy to learn tool, which offers programmers the ability to significantly reduce the time of the GUI development on SoC platforms (MCU/MPU) by simply enabling drag-n-drop common control and input elements (e.g., buttons, icons, sliders, containers, etc.) on the GUI surface benefited by a large set of library Widgets. NEMA®|GUI-Builder automatically produces power and performance optimized C code, with a small memory footprint by utilizing the 3D features of the NEMA®|GPU-Series and their powerful abilities. NEMA®|GUI-Builder comes with the Think Silicon software API NEMA®|GFX and its highly efficient compression technology NEMA®|TSC™, created for use also on SoC platforms (MCU/MPU) with non-Think Silicon GPUs.

Think Silicon will also exhibit NEMA®|p the world smallest 2.5D GPU (0.074mm2 @ 28nm) for MCU driven SoCs. The company has partnered with Synopsys to create a showcase of an ultra-low power Internet of Things (IoT) platform designed for connected wearable, mobile, and embedded display devices. The demo shows Synopsys technology sporting a DesignWare® ARC EM5D Processor together with NEMA®|p -2.5D GPU, NEMA®|DC 4-layer display controller and NEMA®|GFX-API, targeting ultra-low power and battery driven wearables and low-power embedded applications.

Think Silicon® will also showcase NEMA®|t – the industry’s first ultra-low power 3D GPU supporting open graphic standard APIs and Vector Graphics for System on a chip (SoC) solutions. NEMA®|t is designed to support mid-range to high-end quality wearables and IoT/embedded devices, which require a more powerful fully supported 3D user interface including SoC solutions with 32-bit MCU or MPU and rely on a more sophisticated OS, such as Android Wear for example.

The company will also demonstrate NEMA®|Profiler, a cross-platform profiling tool, enabling software developers to optimize their open standard API or NEMA®|GFX code without having an in-depth understanding of the NEMA®|GPU architecture. The NEMA®|Profiler toolchain offers a graphical development environment that illustrates the power and performance bottlenecks of the executing application. The tool collects and visualizes GPU, API, and OS counter data by highlighting regions of interest (hotspots). With a simple “double-click” on the graph of a “performance/power spike”, the corresponding code snippet automatically appears, enabling the developer on the spot, to analyze and review it.

The visitors of our booth will also have the chance to view a live demonstration of NEMA®|SHADER-Edit, a developer-friendly vertex and fragment shading editor with an integrated compiler that allows programmers to easily work with open graphic standard APIs to create and compile quick and optimal GLSL shaders offline. This easy-to-use software interface assists with the smooth and fast generation of NEMA®|tiny GPU executables.

“As a young company we are very excited showcasing again our latest product developments and expertise in ultra-low power high performance graphics solutions at the Embedded Show in Nuremberg this year. Think Silicon technologies are designed to empower developers to create exceptional low-power products for a wide variety of markets including, wearables, mobile, embedded, robotics, drones, and surveillance.” said Ulli Mueller, Vice President, Marketing & Business Development of Think Silicon.


About Think Silicon®:

Think Silicon S.A. is a privately held Limited Company located in: Patras/ Greece (HQ), Toronto/ Canada (Business Development & Marketing office), San Jose/CA, USA (Sales office), Cologne, Germany/EMEA region (Sales office), Taipei/TW (Sales office), Tokyo/JP (Sales office). Think Silicon® is specialized in developing and licensing high-performance graphics and AI IP technology for ultra-low power and area limited digital mobile, wearable, embedded devices and IoT end-nodes for fabless semiconductor technology customers.


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