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Visit us at HiPEAC 2022
Friday 03 Jun 2022

Come and see Think Silicon’s exciting and cutting-edge GPU, Display, Vision, and Software innovations for MCU and MPU-driven SoCs at HiPEAC in Budapest/Hungary. Book a meeting now to visit the Think Silicon® booth from June 20th till June 22nd. Meeting request: info(at)think-silicon.com

By visiting Think Silicon’s booth, you’ll have the opportunity to view the industry’s first RISC-V® instruction set architecture-based GPU – the NEOX™ G-Series & A-Series. The company will also introduce the latest addition of the successful NEMA®| GPU-Series for MCU-driven SoCs – the NEMA®|pico-VG – which supports rich vector graphic features with significant hardware and software upgrades that help offload CPU utilization by up to 95%.

NEOX™ G-Series & A-Series – A New Era of Smart GPU Architectures

Offering a myriad of flexible possibilities, NEOX™| G (graphics) & A (deep learning accelerator) Series IP represents a new era of smart GPU architectures with programable compute shaders running on a real-time operating system (RTOS), and supported by light-weight graphics and machine learning programming frameworks. The heavily multi-threaded system and its individual configurable programming libraries use the same hardware blocks and can be extended with customized extensions by combining graphics, machine learning, vision/video processing and general-purpose compute workloads. The new offering serves as a GPU platform to be implemented in 32-bit SoCs addressing a wide variety of vertical markets including next-generation ultra-low-power smartwatches, augmented reality (AR) eyewear, surveillance, and entertainment video, and smart displays for point-of-sale/point-of-interaction terminals. NEOX™ IP pre-evaluation systems are now available for customer testing and Think Silicon will be demonstrating 3D/2D graphics and machine learning applications at Embedded World.

NEMA®|pico-VG – High-Performance Graphics for Power-, Size- and Cost-Constrained Products

Think Silicon’s new NEMA®|pico-VG multi-core, vector, and 2.5D raster graphics GPU, supports clock frequencies from 90-500MHz, 70 fps, and 800x600 resolution in a tiny silicon area of 0.21mm2. The NEMA®|pico-VG is the latest addition of high-performance and ultra-low-power graphics for displays in battery-driven, power-constrained products. Combining hardware-accelerated vector and raster graphics in a single IP solution gives developers the freedom and flexibility to choose the best rendering technique based on the graphics content being displayed. The NEMA®| pico-VG uses smart compression algorithms to efficiently manage the valuable memory space, thereby reducing the CPU utilization by up to 95% compared to software-only solutions. The combination of RTL hardware blocks and software makes the NEMA®|pico-VG the ideal high-performance graphics sub-system in power-, size-, and cost-constrained products such as smartwatches, health, and GPS trackers, and smart home devices such as thermostats and smart speakers. The NEMA®|pico-VG production-ready RTL is expected to begin shipping to customers in Q4 2022.


Also featured at the event will be Think Silicon’s NEMA®|GUI-Builder, a fast and easy-to-learn tool that enables programmers to significantly reduce GUI development time on SoC platforms (MCU/MPU) by using drag-and-drop common control and input elements on the GUI surface from a large set of library widgets. NEMA®|GUI-Builder automatically produces power and performance-optimized C code with a small memory footprint by utilizing the powerful 3D features of the NEMA®|GPU-Series. NEMA®|GUI-Builder includes Think Silicon’s NEMA®|GFX software API and its highly efficient compression technology NEMA®|TSC™, which can also be used on SoC platforms with non-Think Silicon GPUs.

Should you wish to arrange an appointment with us, please send us your requests to info(at)think-silicon.com. We are looking forward to meeting you.
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