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Visit us at HiPEAC 2023
Tuesday 10 Jan 2023

Come and see Think Silicon’s exciting and cutting-edge GPU, Display, Vision, and Software innovations for MCU and MPU-driven SoCs at HiPEAC in Toulouse/France. Book a meeting now to visit the Think Silicon® booth from January 16th to January 18th. Meeting request: info(at)think-silicon.com
By visiting Think Silicon’s booth, you’ll have the opportunity to see the industry’s first RISC-V® based GPU – the NEOX™ G-Series & A-Series. The company will also introduce the latest addition of the successful NEMA®| GPU-Series for MCU-driven SoCs – the NEMA®|pico-VG – which supports rich vector graphic features with significant hardware and software upgrades that help offload CPU utilization by up to 95%.
NEOX™ G-Series & A-Series
A New Era of Smart GPU Architectures
Offering a myriad of flexible possibilities, NEOX™| G (graphics) & A (deep learning accelerator) Series IP represents a new era of smart GPU architectures with programable compute shaders running on a real-time operating system (RTOS), and supported by light-weight graphics and machine learning programming frameworks. The heavily multi-threaded system and its individual configurable programming libraries use the same hardware blocks and can be extended with customized extensions by combining graphics, machine learning, vision/video processing and general-purpose compute workloads. The new offering serves as a GPU platform to be implemented in 32-bit SoCs addressing a wide variety of vertical markets including next-generation ultra-low-power smartwatches, augmented reality (AR) eyewear, surveillance, and entertainment video, and smart displays for point-of-sale/point-of-interaction terminals. NEOX™ IP pre-evaluation systems are now available for customer testing and Think Silicon will be demonstrating 3D/2D graphics and machine learning applications at #HiPEAC23.
High-Performance Graphics for Power-, Size- and Cost-Constrained Products
The new multi-core, 2.5D raster, and vector graphics GPU introduces vector graphics support in hardware and brings in vertex transformation and Bezier tessellation as fixed function blocks to enable high performance and quality as well as low power for vector graphics. The new vector graphics accelerator IP is ideal for wearable and embedded graphics display applications requiring high-quality fonts, shapes, and maps. The combination of RTL hardware blocks and software makes the NEMA®|pico-VG the ideal high-performance graphics sub-system in power-, size-, and cost-constrained products such as smartwatches, health, and GPS trackers, and smart home devices, such as thermostats and smart speakers. NEMA®| pico VG comes with a comprehensive suite of driver, API, and software development tools. RTL is available now and ready to ship to customers.
NEMA®| gui-builder 
The Ultimate Graphical User Interface Development tool for IoT, Wearables, and Embedded Systems

Also featured at the event will be Think Silicon’s NEMA®|gui-builder, a fast and easy-to-learn tool that enables programmers to significantly reduce GUI development time on SoC platforms (MCU/MPU) by using drag-and-drop common control and input elements on the GUI surface from a large set of library widgets. NEMA®|gui-builder automatically produces power and performance-optimized C code with a small memory footprint by utilizing the powerful 3D features of the NEMA®|GPU-Series. NEMA®|gui-builder includes Think Silicon’s NEMA®|GFX software API and its highly efficient compression technology NEMA®|TSC™, which can also be used on SoC platforms with non-Think Silicon GPUs.
Should you wish to arrange an appointment with us, please send us your requests to info(at)think-silicon.com. We are looking forward to meeting you.
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